The History Buff Kit

The History Buff Kit

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Have a history buff in your life? This is a fantastic way to share a unique piece of history! With each era of history you can choose a kit that will have coins and currency from that era! Depending on the size kit you select, you will receive at LEAST 3 coins/bank notes in varying degrees of values.


Select  from the following historic times:  

  • The Forming of Our Nation
  • The Civil War
  • WWI
  • WWII
  • The Depression
  • The Roaring 1920's


A new way to buy coins for yourself or others. We work with local dealers who end up with too much inventory and not enough customers. We purchase their inventory, break it down into smaller 'kits' and deliver better value for our customers! 

Please note: This is not a get rich quick scheme, you will receive good value for the price you pay, however if you think you'll be able to re-sell and buy a new car with the profits, please do not purchase.

Each of our 'kits' come with a 100% Satisfaction - Simply send it back if you don't LOVE the coins you receive.